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Kemi Mai.

I’ve been wanting to post the work of Kemi Mai for a long time here on Supersonic but she’s only recently produced enough of a body of work to present it to you.  So, without any further hesitation, the digital paintings of Kemi Mai:

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The new super smash bros looks amazing


"being interested in pop culture makes you vapid and unintelligent"

translation: im a miserable pissbaby. im deep because i smoke cheap cigarettes and take my coffee black. have u ever heard of friedrich nietzsche. im so alone.


daughter. Get off the blue website. you have not left your room all day it is time for dinner. i’ve got some “feels” for you: they’re called pork chops and your mother made them with love

My name is Akintunde Ahmad, and I am a senior at Oakland Technical High School. I am aware that many of you have heard about my story recently in the news. It is true, I am headed to one of the nations top universities, although I have not yet decided which one. However, at these schools my expected family contribution is still in the range of $17,000 to $28,000. That is why I would greatly appreciate any donations, as many people have expressed that they would like to help me with college tuition in any possible. 

Thank you in advance, 

Akintunde Ahmad